Psu and ups problem

i am going to upgrade my system to an i5-2500k build with a Asus ENGTX-560 DCII Top 1GB DDR-5 and i have to upgrade my psu but the problem is only gigabyte and thermaltake psu is available here.

thermaltake products are really overpriced here and i am thinking about getting a gigabyte odin pro 550w(my ups is only 800va :( and the maximum supported psu i think is 550 w)

so is this psu will be able to run the system or not ?( no cpu or gpu overclocking)
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  1. Just use this calculator and see for yourself
  2. vin20 said:
    Just use this calculator and see for yourself

    i know my wattage requirement. i just want to know is this psu can do the job or should i look for alternative?

    thanks anyway.
  3. 550w PSU is sufficient, i bet only 400-450 w power is consumed by your pc build.
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