Gaming headset: which of these?

Hi guys! I'm a new user from Italy so please forgive me for my english.

I go straight to the point: i need a gaming headset and i'm REALLY on a budget(robbers :pfff: ) but i want quality. I have something like 30 euros to spend which is less than 50$ so i'm not asking you what to get at this price.
I've asked on italian forums and i've been pointed to these headsets:

- Creative Fatal1ty
- Ozone Attack
- Plantronics Gamescom 380
- SpeedLink Medusa

The main question i still couldn't find answer to is which of these is the best one ?

The requests i have for my headset are the following:

- good quality basses. I always had sets w/o basses and hated it, i'll listen to some music too(not much but still..)
- good quality mic. I want one that even if i lower my voice doesn't have problems to pass a good signal to my teammates
- comfortable. My last cheap headset made my ears hurt after 1h of gaming, i'd like to avoid that

That said i searched a while, asked some people, watched reviews and red both and .it) user comments and i've made some ideas.
The Fatal1ty seems way too cheap in material and i don't like the non-rigid mic so i'd eliminate them from the list, but if you say they're the best(explaining why) i'll consider them again.
The Speedlinks costs more here so it's already much for me and i don't like that kind of mic as i said.
The Ozone looks badass but it seems that they are affected by a mic problems with it breaking after 2-3 weeks for some users. They still look really good and seem to have a good sound quality.
The Plantronics seems even better built and the quality seems good. I like the look, not so aggressive but really cool.

As you may have noticed i'm basically deciding between the Ozone Attack and the Plantronics Gamescom 380 but the main problem is: which of these two is the best?
Also am i right with the decision of eliminating the other two headsets or they should be considered? What's the best one and why?

I've made a lot of questions but as i said i'm on a budget and i'll be for a while so i want a good set that will last me and have a great sound.

P.s. i forgot to mention: i use it mainly for FPS's like CS:S, CS:GO, MMO's like GW2 and i also play LOL, all the games on TS and/or Skype
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  1. None of the headsets you mentioned have good sound quality. The Sennheiser PC 151 is probably the best you can get for your budget.

    Just remember that the words 'gaming' and 'scam' go hand in hand in terms of computer accessories.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I've red the user description in the Amazon link you provided and some others. It seems like the other sets, i mean there's a lot of satisfied customers as well as other saying the mic can't be heard that well at the other side of the call etcetera.

    The other problem it's they're almost twice my budget on :/

    As for the sets i mentioned..non of them have good sound quality? You mean they totally sucks or they're just average? Which one of these have you tried and feel is the best one?
    I'll look for cheaper retailers for that Sennheiser meanwhile.
  3. 'Gaming' headsets in general have very poor sound quality for the amount of money they cost. The headsets you listed will get the job done, but you certainly aren't getting your money's worth.

    The Sennheiser headsets are a slightly better alternative, but if your main concern is getting the best possible sound quality for $50 then you should look into buying the headphones and the microphone separately.

    A few suggestions for spectacular-sounding low-price headphones:
    -JVC HAS160 $20
    -Koss KSC75 $15
    -Koss Portapro $30
    -Monoprice 8323 $22
    -Panasonic RP-HTF600-S $35
    -Sennheiser PX100-II $60 (definitely the most comfortable)

    Paired with a mic:
    -Zalman Zm-Mic1 $5
    -AntLion ModMic $30

    However, if you aren't too concerned with sound quality then you should just get the headset that looks the most comfortable.
  4. It seems you don't trust gaming headsets too much. Are you into music listening? I ask it because i know music headsets(expecially the one for studios) are on another level and totally a different planet from gaming ones.
    Plus most of the times on the gaming headsets you pay the brand..and i know "gaming" only means "you have a mic and almost-decent headphones togheter".

    Well i'm not too concerned with sound quality..i mean i need these for gaming, i'll buy a proper set when i'll have my DAW all set up but it'll take months.

    For now i "only" need good sound which means i have good basses(i don't like flat sound on the headphones) and a mic which i don't have to shout in to be heard clearly. As for the aesthetics i'd like to get the Ozone Attack or the Plantronics which seems a bit more professional.

    The only problem is i don't have sound comparisons of people who tried both, and neither a decent sound review. Everyone says "awesome!" or "great for the price" but that doesn't tell you "yes, they have good bass, clear highs and such" or things like these..and it seems no-one tested both the sets and can compare them.
  5. The only gaming headset that doesn't stink quality wise is the Sennheiser PC360. Otherwise, I recommend a cheap (<$100) headphones paired with a $5 clip on mic.

    head-fi is the place to go for headphone reviews. But my recommendation is to avoid gaming headsets. They all tend to be very low quality overall.
  6. you'd still prefer a cheap audio headset with a mic? I'll try to see if theres some under 30/40 euros on Amazon then
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