Cost Effective Upgrades for my Gaming Desktop

I currently have a desktop I built a few years ago, and while it works fine, was considering putting some upgrades into it. Don't have access to the computer itself at the moment, so there might be some mistakes here, but I currently have:

Intel® Core™ i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz
ASUS P6t DLX V2 Motherboard
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275
6 gb memory, don't remember what king, except that it's triple channel
600 GB HDD
600 Watt Antec power supply

Nothing is overclocked.

I use the computer for gaming, mostly MMOs (WoW, so not graphics intensive), but will be doing some graphics work and level development soon for school.

Any suggestions as to what, if any, would be good upgrades? Particularly cost effective upgrades.

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  1. How much were you looking to spend?

    I'd say to look into getting an SSD (solid state drive) for your OS at the very least. If you can afford to go bigger, then go bigger.

    You also might want to look into upgrading your GPU.
  2. I'm unlikely to spend more than 300ish, but was curious as to what my options were, even ones that exceeded my price range. An SSD is very tempting. I'm not clear on which newer graphics cards would be better than what I have now, and which would be more of sidegrades, though. Would a medium or low end, but newer graphics card necessarily be better than what I have now? Could I get, for instance, a graphics card that isn't particularly expensive, but clearly better than the one I have now, and ideally, more power efficient?
  3. I'd recommend a HD7850 or better.
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    for $300-ish, I'll suggest one of the following two choices:

    HIS HD 7850: $239.99
    OCZ Vertex II 60 GB SSD: $64.99

    total: $305

    Mushkin Chronos 120GB SSD: $102.99
    Zotac AMP! GTX 560ti: $209.99
    total: $313
  5. Would 60 GB be enough to store Windows 7 64, as well as 3-4 games? Seems like 120 would give me a lot more breathing room. I understand it'd be more expensive, but I'm patient enough that I can wait longer if it means making a better choice. If 120 is way more than I'd need, and 60 is sufficient, then there's no need to get more.
  6. depends on the games. a windows install is about 20 GB.

    if you're worried about space, get the 120GB and the slightly slower 560ti gpu
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  8. Thanks for all of the answers.
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