AMD Athlon 11 x2 240??

Hi people

This is my 1st post. Can anyone please tell me just how bad my AMD Athlon 2 x2 240 cpu is in comparison to say the AMD FX4 x4 in regards to gaming and everyday pc use like watching films and defragmenting, web surfing and film conversion via CONVERT X TO DVD. Would an upgrade to the newer AMD cpu make that much of a visible difference?

Thanks all....
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  1. An upgrade to a Phenom ii would be better.
  2. You would be very disappointed spending money and seeing no real improvement! :)
    The problem is, that most programs still only use one or two cores. As long as you run one program at a time, you wouldn't notice the difference. I am everything else but an expert for gaming, but if you want to spend money for a better overall speed a SDD would be a real step forward.
  3. I found my x2 245 to ..weak... for use in my htpc and delagated it to the processor of my file server and stuffed an athlon2 x3 450 in the htpc and its better. I imagine you would see the same improvement in general use going to the fx4

    convertX is multithreaded so you would see a noticble improvement there. Other apps would like be just a little more responsive.
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