Turning off my tv turns off my hdmi audio from pc

I have an issue when I power off my Samsung TV, that I use as my monitor, every time it turns off my audio support for HDMI out from my Diamond 7970. A notification appears from CCC stating that the device is not supported through HDMI audio playback. Any ideas of why this might be? Recently I just updated CCC that may be why, I am not 100% sure. Also I just built the computer and all drivers are properly installed and fully updated Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. Anyone have any idea?
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  1. I had this exact same issue thru my onkyo amp to samsung tv. Whenever I switched between inputs the PC would claim the hdmi audio was no longer connected, reboot to recover hdmi.

    It is a bug in CCC, I rolled back to 12.1 and the issue has gone away

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