Tweaking registry for faster internet

i heard you can do this, can someone show me how to do it?
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  1. there are browser tweaks that work well for firefox!
  2. i already have those done
  3. Registry tweaking (in the sense that there is some magical registry key that you can change that will make your internet browsing go 100x as fast as it does now) rarely ever produces good results, and stands a good chance of rendering your machine useless, unless you're very careful when changing any keys (and yo back up the keys you modify first, before making any changes).

    A better bet would be to use Steve Gibson's DNS Benchmark tool, and change the DNS servers you use, from those that the tool shows to be the fastest, as opposed to the one's your ISP provides for you. This alone can have a significant impact on your browsing speed.

    Note that any suggested changes should be applied both to your computer (so your machine is making the DNS queries, rather than passing it off to your router to do it on your computer's behalf, but also change them on the router so that any wireless devices like cell phones can benefit from the faster DNS servers as well.
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