How many watts is the netgear n150 wireless router

I just moved to Israel. I have a brand new Netgear N150 wireless router that I would like to use here. Since it is a 120 volt device, I need to connect it first to a 120-240 volt converter, which I have. However, the converters I have only work with devices 50-1500 watts. I'm trying to determine what wattage the N150 router is and it doesn't say anywhere. It says it's 60Hz, but nothing about watts. Does anyone know the wattage output of the N150? Thanks
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  1. It draws a little power (12v and 1-2 A, -1A, which is around 12-24W).

    EDIT: Most netgear routers use 12V adapters and amps vary, what is the amperage?
  2. It's way under 50w, I can tell you that. Probably 5-10w.
  3. Hi

    I have a Netgear wireless router N150 DGN1000 which has a data plate which is marked 12 V & 1 A (= max 12 watts)
    It uses a 240 volt (in) switched mode psu
    you need a 12V psu with correct connecter and correct polarity (center positive) to fit into the DGN1000

    (despite the N150 model is it wireless 802.11 B/G not N)


    Mike Barnes
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