Gaming Build Budget 900$

Parts not needed:Graphic Card/Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse
Preferred Site:Newegg/Microcenter

I already ordered a Gtx 670 so I just need help with the rest of my build.

I have around a 900 dollar budget and the only amount of OC i can really do is raising the multiplier in bios without touching anything else voltage wise as such :P I did this with my current phenom II x4 965be and was able to take it to 3.7ghz keeping it at 56 degrees stable. So when recommending me a CPU, please keep that in mind.

This system is specifically for TERA as it is, my AMD is bottlenecking it for some apparent reason but most people with intel processors are getting superior FPS 50+ on high settings while I'm dipping in the low 25-40's on medium. My current system is gtx 460/phenom iix4 965/4 gigs ddr3.

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  1. That's not exactly "budget", budget is more like $600. You can build a decent machine.

    I suggest you fill out the new build form in the new build section.
  2. Check out my $850 build here:
    Just don't get the GPU and you're good to go. The rest is fine, the Extreme3 Gen3 Z68 is a more than competent overclocking board. Plus it performs the same as Z77 boards but cheaper, Gen3 gives you PCI 3.0 and even with any performance difference, it's hardly noticeable.
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