A4-3300 not working

Hi guys, i'm seeking for advice.
I'm building really cheap pc for my friend so i decided for AMD A4 3300 and MSI A55M-P33 mobo, some 4GB kingston RAM, my old HDD which i'm not using (but still with SATA) and 300W power supply.

My issue is that it won't even start. I've build a few computers, i assembled it right. CPU is running, HDD is running, but there is nothing on the monitor, i can't get even into BIOS... Do you have any idea what might be wrong? Thanks fro answers
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  1. Have you tried using DVI port? Have you tried using the VGA port? Have you tried using a discrete GPU? Are you sure that PSU is adequate enough for the configuration of parts you have?

    Although you have experience in building PCs, even the most seasoned veteran misses something. Double check your build with the troubleshooting guide we have here at Tom's. Click on the link in my signature.
  2. I've tried 3 differend VGA monitors, GPU (ATI Radeon HD5750) from my PC. I'm not sure about that PSU, i was thinking about it too, but it's only 65W from CPU and there is just nothing more in there. I trippled chech it :D thanks for advice, i will focus on that PSU.
  3. The mobo does the starting "bip" ??
  4. no, it doesn't.
  5. This means your mobo is not starting.

    Did you connect the 4 pin connector from the PSU to the mobo that is close to the CPU?

    If yes try reconecting the PSU to the mobo from scratch.
  6. Dangi said:
    This means your mobo is not starting.

    That may not be the problem. I didn't see a mobo speaker on this board.

    Pimpster, if the mobo does not have a speaker connected, I suggest getting one, as it makes diagnosing considerably easier. Mobos will emit a series of beeps to indicate where the failure is.

    You could also check the RAM - see if the RAM in the build in question works in another system, or vice versa.
  7. yeah, 4 pin is connected propertly.
    so , i found a speaker and it beeps 3 times... i'm going to google what it means ^^ thanks a lot for your advices guys
  8. AMI - Base 64K RAM failure
    re-seat your ram and if that doesn't work try one stick at a time in different slots.
  9. yeah, i did stick it into another slot and now it beeps 6 times, and that is 042 gate A20 failure - bad cpu or mainboard... I'm going to the shop tomorrow... Thanks everybody for helping me
  10. try putting first only one module checking all the slots until it works, or if you have another ram try it to se if it is the ram or the mobo
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