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Never seen this till now so its almost 3 yrs old lol but my main question is this. Is amd the only one to ever hit 7ghz and if thats the case then how come ive never seen a 7 ghz cpu. Or is it that they did some powerful stuff to the rig to make it hit 7 ghz? I noticed it looked like they used liquid nitro lol could that really make it that much stronger ? do cpus get stronger the cooler they get ?

I know im a noob still at cp talk but i know heat is bad i just didnt think if u super cool a cpu it will overpower it that much lol
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  1. Go online and Google "How super conductors work" or the "Theory of super conductors"
  2. Yeah, it's a radical rig and would not work for a "desktop" system. Overclockers use liquid nitrogen because it pulls heat from the cpu very quickly. When overclocking radically the power going through the chip generates massive amounts of heat (just like a 100w light bulb is much hotter than a 40w). So this only works in a "lab" situation. Modern cpus do much more work each clock cycle so they end up faster overall than the one in the video. You can check out "overclocking" on google to find out about the latest overclock records. Benchmarks are a much better way to measure performance (mostly).
  3. Hi :)

    Easy answer....HEAT...

    All the best Brett :)
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    Heat creates resistance for electron movement so supercooling creates almost no resistance and electrons flow freely.

    The current record is over 8ghz on an AMD bullgod FX8-series cpu with all but 1 core disabled.
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