Running 3 monitors with GTX 480 and gts8800

I'm not big on video games at the moment, I just completely rebuild my computer with 6 core i7. I ordered an extra monitor because it was dirt cheap at the time.

I have 3 27' monitors and I knew I could not run them all at once unless I had an ATI card. But i read a lot of places I could run them at the same time with an extra video card.

I have a GTX 480 and I have laying around a gts8800. I'm curious if I can use them at the same time to run 3 monitors just to use all 3 screens. If i play video games I'll use the card that uses my GTX 480. I'm not buying anything new because In a few months the new nvidia series will be out.
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  1. It'll work.
  2. I figured it would, I just will test it completely when I finished putting my system together.
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