HD Radeon 6850 or EVGA GTX 460 FTW!?

I am looking to upgrade my graphics card and both of these are within my price range. I haven't seen a comparison between these two, which one is better?

Also Best Buy has some cheaper brand cards with like 2 gb of VRAM, is that not even worth it or will the 1 gb be enough? Trying to buy today!

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  1. overclocked 460 outperforms overclocked 6850 but how much noice does that make I have no idea...I would go for 6870 it is only $20 more
  2. Or maybe even EVGA 550 ti? thanks again!
  3. 550 Ti would be slower than both. I would recommend the 6850.
  4. I have the next step up, 6870's in crossfire. I used a single 6870 for about a month and it worked great. They outperform the 6850 but not by a whole lot. The cards I have are 1GB each, you need larger if you are going over standard 1080 resolution.

    I say stick with the 1GB 6850. If you can find a 6870 at the same price point.. or close I would go that route.
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