Computer Freezes, sound stutters (loops)

Ok, so here is my problem, hope that someone can solve it quickly. First, the specs:
It's a PC
Operating System: freezes on both Windows 7 and Ubuntu (any version) //it freezes on the BIOS as well, I'll explain later...
Motherboard: Asus Maximus Formula II - Special Edition, FSB 1333 MHz, Intel x38
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6850, 3.00 GHz
RAM: 2 x Kingston 2GB 667
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT 512MB
HDD: (I don't know the type but it's 500GB)
Sound Card: Supreme FX II
PSU: Codegen 450W

And now the problem and what I've done so far...
The computer freezes randomly. When I browse, watch a movie, program, do simple actions etc. The freezes are random. Also, if there is sound in the background before the freeze (music, audio), the last sound that was heard continues to repeat. The sound stutters, it loops like one millisecond of the last sound heard. I get no BSOD and no error message whatsoever. Moreover, and this is the most weird thing to me, when I press the restart button (it requires a hard restart) the computer does not restart immediately but continues with the frozen screen and looping sound for about 5-10 seconds. Then, the computer shuts down completely, and after 5-10 seconds it powers on by itself. . I hope someone has had an experience with this kind of problem.
Furthermore, the computer does not only freeze when using an operating system. It freezes during the BIOS as well sometimes, requiring hard restart and restarts the same way as mentioned above.

So, here are the things I have tried and the problem continued:
- Reset the CMOS
- Ran Memtest 86+: no errors in the first 4 hours, 12 errors in one stick after 4 hours (I will explain this later)
- Reconnected power cables
No Luck, nothing worked.

About the memtest: Memtest found errors in one stick after 4 hours of testing, but the problem persisted even without that stick. I have tested the other stick for 4 hours and it had no errors. Also, Memtest Freezes!!!. The time will freeze, the test will stop progressing and the only thing changing is the blinking red plus in the top left corner. Everything else is frozen. This requires a restart.

One thing I should mention. About 4 months ago, there was a blackout in my street, and my PSU 'exploded'. I don't remember the brand but I know that it was a 500W PSU. The tech from the PC store installed a new Codegen 450W PSU. The problems started about 3-4 weeks after that. I tried to solve the freezing problem on my own for almost 4 months but I couldn't do it, so I gave my PC to the tech support guys. After a week of testing they couldn't figure out the problem (they said they needed more time), but I had to take it back because I have some projects to do until the beginning of June. I told the tech guys that I think it is a PSU issue, but they told me that there is no way this could be PSU related.

The freezes are completely random. For example, the system can be stable for a whole week (without a single freeze), and the next day... I can't even reach the login screen because of the freezings in the BIOS.

So, what are your thoughts?
And thank you in advance for taking your time to figure out my problem
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  1. blackout damaged some other parts.
  2. It turned out it was a PSU problem. I replaced it and the problem doesn't happen.

    Funny thing though, the old Codegen 450w PSU (I don't recommend those, stay away from them) is functioning when I place it vertically on the left side. If it is horizontal, or on the right side, then the computer starts freezing or restarts. Probably something's not connected right inside the PSU. I should've mentioned that the PSU was buzzing. But it doesn't matter. I bought a new 700w PSU and now the computer works like a charm :)

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