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Hey guys,

I'm having fps issue with my Radeon 7950. Normal computing seems to be fine. (eg. surf the web, and that good stuff) But my problem seems to be when I try and play games, doesn't matter if it's super graphical (BF3/Skyrim) or lesser graphical....My fps either does one of two things.
1)It'll play fine for a little while, an hour or so....But then my fps will dip way down and shoot back up after a couple seconds
2)It won't surpass 30-35fps....and it dips lower to about 20, then comes back up to 30-35

In both scenarios, it's repetitive and doesn't go away with time, it just keeps doing it.
I originally bought a PowerColor PCS+ 7950, and had this issue so I made sure everything is connected well, got most up to-date drivers, tried uninstalling any program that I recently had in case it was messing with it, ran all my software for virus. None of that fixed the issue, so I assumed it was defective and RMA'd it.

Now, I just got my XFX 7950, and have come to find the same problem as before. I find it hard to believe that I'd get double defective cards. And I'm thinking that I may not be getting enough power for it. I don't know how to even test to see if it is or not.
I was wondering if I can get some input to see if my PSU is the problem with this, and I'm short on delivering power to it.

Hardware Specs:
~PSU 630 Watts
~amd phenom ii x 6 1090t
~Radeon HD 7950
~3 Sticks DDR3 (2GB each)
~5 fans
~3 HD's
~1 Optical Drive
~Wired Keyboard and Mouse
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  1. BTW, forgot to mention. I upgraded to this gfx card from a Nvidia GTX 460, and I never had any fps issue like this when I was using that card.
  2. Well if you werent getting enough power to your GPU, you would probably get a bluscreen/black screen (due to GPU shutting down). So it looks like a driver issue...

    AMD released 12.2 Drivers yesterday. I would suggest downloading driver sweeper, check off all AMD/NVIDIA drivers and re-install the 12.2 Drivers.

    Also your CPU might be a little bit of a bottleneck with your 7950. What resolution do you play at? And what exact XFX 7950 do you have? I also have an XFX 7950 (core edition).
  3. I have the XFX 7950 Double Dissipation. I do have the latest drivers, but I can get the driver sweeper and try that. The resolution I'm playing at is 1920x1080. My cpu usage is not maxed out though when I have this problem, it's around 60%.

    I did forget to mention though, that when I've checked my gpu is pushing 90-100% when this issue is occurring.

    Reason I don't think it's a cpu bottleneck is that it doesn't matter if I play per say BF3/Skyrim (Although, I may bottleneck in those on cpu) Even if I"m playing Left 4 Dead2 or Dota2, or Dungeon Defenders, this still happens. It's not correlated to the game, it happens in all my games. :(
  4. Heya, I have a similar issue with my Sapphire 7950 and at least one game, World of Warcraft. After a night of being idle, say 12 hours or so, I'll go to load WoW and even at the log in menu, its choppy, running about 15fps.
    If I close the game and try to run any other game(Skyrim, BF3, Swtor, Diablo3) it'll have the same issue.

    What I found works is whenever this happens, I'll change the resolution to something small like 800x600 then back to 1980x1020. Fixes it everytime.

    I also notice that this issue doesn't happen as long as I dont load WoW first after being idle all night. Strangest thing I've ever seen..

    I'm running an AMD 975 @ 4ghz, 8gb DDR1600, Sapphire 7950 OC 950/1250 and Cat 12.2 drivers.

    I'd suggest next time you notice this issue, try changing the resolution to low then back to normal, see if that fixes it.
  5. I just followed through Chainzsaw's idea of Driver Sweeping. It did get rid of a ton of old Nvidia Drivers, and Amd. I got the 12.2 again, and we'll see how this goes.
  6. Thanks uber, nice to know I'm not the only one who has some fps issues. If the problem continues to happen, I'll give your method a shot, and see how things turn out. I'll let ya know how this goes.
  7. Draxle said:
    Thanks uber, nice to know I'm not the only one who has some fps issues. If the problem continues to happen, I'll give your method a shot, and see how things turn out. I'll let ya know how this goes.

    In a way I feel better too, thought I was the only one *wipes away tear* BUDDY!

    It's frustrating to pay $450+ for a card and have this issue, I want to blame it on unpolished drivers, hopefully 12.3 or 12.4 drivers in the future will have some nice optimization and support for the 7900 line.
    At least I hope this issue is driver-related.
  8. I know, hopefully they'll take care of it ^^, but working good so far! Been gaming for an hour w/o problems. Thanks!
  9. Alright, so after a night of gaming.....The Driver Sweeper idea didn't fix the problem, I'm still getting the issue :(

    I did try what you suggested uber. It did help, and it wasn't spiking so would do very small spikes (ie...60fps down to 50-54), which is an improvement... But still struggling with this issue.

    I have to say that I'm disappointed in AMD for this issue, if it is driver related.

    Does anyone else have this issue, or found a complete fix to this?!?!?
  10. I've found that AMD has a new pre WHQL driver, version12.3. So Imma gonna try that and see if that helps.....Also, somehow Nvidia physx was left on my computer w/an old driver....No idea how that got left behind....
    Anyways, going for a reboot, and install of the new drivers...I'll keep give an update on how this goes (fingers crossed) :D
  11. I too am having this problem.

    CPU: FX-4100 OC 4.3
    GPU: Gigabyte 7950 925/1250 <- anything more and it fails
    MB: Gigabyte 990-fxa-ud3
    RAM: 8g G.Skill f3-14900cl9d-8gbsr
    PSU: CP-850 by Antec

    Have done multiple driver modes 12.2- .3 & - .4 and have seen lower than expected performance in all modes. My best Passmark 3d score is 3024.3 my current score and past ~avg. 2279.6. My high score was obtained after uninstalling Catalyst and associated drivers and just running off generic windows drivers. Other bench results:

    Furmark: does not even ramp up the GPU... locks frames at 55 in 720 mode 32 fps in 1080

    3DMark11: Overall Score P6254 P6100
    Graphics Score P7344 P7400
    Physics Score P4323 P4000
    Combined Score P4336 P4000

    Unigine Heaven 3.0: DX11 Tess xtreme, shaders high, Aniso 16x, no stereo 3d, no Multi monitor, AA 8x, fullscreen checked, Res 1920x1080 = FPS 23.9 Score 602, Min 6.9, Max 58.2
    turn AA off and Aniso to 8x and Tesselation to normal I get =
    FPS 66.3, Score 1671, Min 9.9, Max 162.2

    This post has gotten long enough if you need more info just ask I will do what I can. Thanks in advance
  12. Hello

    I am having this problem also with a pretty new build. I have tried Catalyst 12.3 and 12.4. The problem is especially apparent in Diablo 3 where the game has 60fps about 90% of the time but 10% of the time it dips to 40-45fps. It is very noticeable and disturbing for gameplay. I haven't noticed dips in other games yet, but I'll have to start enabling fps for every game I play. I am very disappointed about this :(

    CPU: i7 3770 (ivy bridge)
    GPU: Sapphire Radeon 7950
    MB: Asus P8Z77-V
    RAM: 16g G.Skill
  13. I suspect the FPS dip was caused by some sort of background program that enable the GPU into the so call "2D Power-saving Mode". In this mode, the GPU clock will be locked at 501Mhz until the program(s) was close. This scenario is most common after conducting a software overclocking, ie Afterburner, CCC, etc
    The following programs are the culprits of locking your GPU:
    Websites contain Flash (Youtube, Facebook, Battlelog etc)
    Windows Media Player
    Some photo editing progarms
    Video editing programs
    and so on so forth...
    Basically, any programs that require GPU computing in 2D condition, the AMD Powerplay will kick in and subsequently dragging down your in-game performance.
    The only way to get around this function is to customize a BIOS profile and Flash it into your card OR modify the CCC registry... (I ain't got no clue how to do these tasks)
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