AMD Phenom II X4 960T cores unlocked O.o

Hello, I don't know if this is the right place to put this but its seems like it would be the best place.
i have a AMD phenom II X4 Processor with a ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 my motherboard supports AMD core unlocks, a couple of days ago i started getting blue-screens and getting locked out for a couple of min's, i have no idea why but as i looked around my drivers and task manager etc looking for a problem i noticed that i have x6 cores which i never had before... I only had x4 like i should have, as this is the only hardware change that i can find, im guessing this is why i have been BSODin, the strange thing is, i never switched the switch on the motherboard to tell it to unlock them, I have done some driver updates, i dunno if this has caused it to unlock itself? but surely not??? but as i keep blue screening/getting locked out for a couple of minutes i am guessing the 2 cores that have been unlocked are not very staple, I have no idea how to turn them off or if i can, so that's why i am sorta here can anyone help me with this i just wanna go back to x4 core's even if its not the reason i am BSOD. I have never ever touched the switch before as i didn't want my computer becoming unstable but...... its done it anyway.
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  1. Anyone have any ideas???
  2. There should also be a setting in the BIOS for core unlocking/disabling. Also check that Advanced Clock Control is set to Auto.
  3. Thank you _zxzxzx_ ^^ strange name btw :P, i have done this it has gone back to 4 core, but the CPU its still telling me its a 6 core still :P like wtfff??? is that a problem or is that normally as i just disabled the other 5th and 6th core, am i right in thinking that may of coursed my blue screens sorry for the 21 questions but just worryed about my poor babe's
  4. It's very likely that the unlocked cores were not stable or were faulty and caused the BSODs. However, the name should revert to the original and not the x6 if it was disabled via ACC or core unlocking feature. But if it works like normal then I'd say it's ok.
  5. The problem was if i disabled core unlocker feature it wouldn't start windows anymore, ice been getting really high temps with my CPU 50c up to 67c, whats ACC? :P and thank you for the help so far
  6. roboboble said:
    Anyone have any ideas???


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