Quick question: is there any disadvantage to having too much RAM?

I have heard in some places that too much RAM will actually make your computer run slower in some applications. Is there any truth to this?

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  1. Hello,

    Back in the old days (I would say 10+ years ago). More RAM would take longer for your system to recognize.

    I would have to say - modern computers do not have this issue. If they do - the "slowness" of having more ram would be measured in nanoseconds - not enough for you to detect it.
  2. OK, thanks. So that means get as much RAM as my budget and PCI slots allow?
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    I wouldnt put ram in a pci slot!!. Also there is a point at which a large ammount of ram wouldnt even be used. As a general rule, 8gb is more than enough . Some exceptions might be if you edit hd video, or are recording games while you play, and have a ton of things running in the back ground. Also some motherboards have limitations of max ammount of ram supported. Last.. if you dont have a 64 bit operating system you wont be able to use more than about 3.5gb, because thats all that 32bit windows can support.
  4. Yes, you certainly can have too much RAM, but it's all situational. We would need full system specs and the purpose of your system in order to comment appropriately.
  5. Disregard, didn't see GI_JONES post, which covers it all :)

    Extra ram doesn't hurt, but it doesn't necessarily help either. A typical gamer would never need more than 8 gigs; however Windows 7 64bit will recognize up to 16 gigs. Given the price of ram, an extra 40$ for 16 gigs instead of 8 isn't a huge deal if you are not sacrificing from other parts of your system to keep your budget.

    If you don't have a 64 bit OS, you can't use more than 4gigs.
  6. I normally find all "quick questions" require long drawn out answers!

    All the info above is top notch.
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  8. Thanks guys!
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