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ok si i have the intel i7 2600k and the h80. i used to use nail polish remover with acetone.but i read on a forum that its too aggressive so i went and bought myself some rubbing alcohol swabs. on the box it says

with 70% isopropyl alcohol
improved pad for superior cleansing action
individually sealed for convenience and safety

would this be safe to use? i already tried using it on my i7 2600k and h80 and about 2 swabs per hardware seemed to do the trick. and then i wiped it with dry toilet paper. would this work? or do i need to go buy the 99% ones.... cause if its not much different im just going to keep using these alcohol swabs, they are very convinient and leave no residue or lints behind
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    Hi :)

    Those are perfectly fine... nothing else needed...

    All the best Brett :)
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