I3 2120 VS FX 4100 VS Phenom 955 with ATI HD 7850?

I am getting a PC with a Overclocked ATI HD 7850. Which of the following processors should I buy with it?:

i3 2120
FX 4100
Phenom II 955

Also, are the processors too slow for the GPU? I am running a 1440x900 monitor soon to be upgraded to 1920x1080. This will run with 4gb ram (too low?).
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  1. will you use your pc for gaming? if yes i suggest you to get the Phenom II 955 and overclock it.also i suggest you to get 8 gb of ram since ram are so cheap
  2. Yes for gaming. Is there noticible difference for the i3 and amd? I would like to upgrade in future and intel cpu are better futureproof?
  3. most games use only 2 cores but some games need 4 cores(like bf3 in multiplayer). if you are play games that use only 2 cores then go with the i3 and when you feel that you need more cpu power you can upgrade to i5 2500k.
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