Athlon or Phenom?

Ive heard the FX series for gaming is a no no, its also a bit more expensive. I am on an EXTREMELY tight budget, I am wondering whether to get an Athlon or Phenom AMD cpu, which one is better?

I do not overclock.

Im looking at the AMD Athlon II X3 450, would it bottleneck an AMD 6670 or any other GPU?
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  1. Phenom x4
  2. Too pricy for my budget, what would be the second best?
  3. Perhaps you could consider a Phenom II X3 or X2? Some of them are unlockable to 4 cores.
  4. I put a AMD Athlon II X3 450 Rana, is this good for low end gaming? Illsee the Phenon ii x3 and x2. Thanks!
  5. CompUSA had a Phenom X4 on sale for ~$65 last week but it's back up to $90 after rebate now.

    Right now the 450 is going for $70. If that's your price point, it's a good choice.

    I have used a 455 and a 445. The 445 is in my daughters computer and she doesn't try to game with it.

    The 455 was in one of my previous rigs and it did well with a GTX 560 (non ti) The only game I played with it was Skyrim and I was able to play smooth on the higher settings. (Not the highest settings though) The 455 also didn't seem to hold back the GTX 560 too much when it came to video rendering.

    So guesstimating from that limited experience, I don't think it will bottleneck the 6670 card. If it does, I wouldn't expect it to be by much.
  6. Im going to try what someone else recommended, the Intel Pentium G620 Sandy Bridge. I don't think it will bottleneck many GPUs, tomshardware built a $500 with a G620 and a 560TI.

    Do you guys know of any cheap GPUs that can run Minecraft, Cod4, and MW3?
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