AMD gaming CPU that won't bottleneck

I need an AMD cpu that will work for with this mobo

I need the best one I can possibly get that won't bottle neck with my gtx 670. I am currently using an FX4170. people recommend the MD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz but I need to be sure. thanks.
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  1. a phenom ii x4 980, prob, x6 1090t/1100t, or prob a fx 8150 if ur worried about the 965, my frined has a 1090t and runs a 670 gtx, no issues.
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    You will most likely want an FX-8120/8150 if you don't want to see any bottlenecks. Otherwise, the Phenom II X4 965 is actually pretty good :) you may see some bottlenecking but they may be remedied by OCing the chip.
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  4. It really depends on the software you run, The 8120/50 could be a bottleneck as well with slow core for core performance vs the x4 965 with a faster core for core performance. The 965 is known to beat the even the 8150 in single core apps, But lacks in the multi threading department. Again, depends on what your going to do with the chip.

    If your gonna run games and say host a server while converting a video on Sony Vegas, the FX-8150 all the way, just running 1 game and listening to music while surfing the web, the 965 any day.

    Then again, I only run a few things at once, and I would replace my x6 1100T with the 8150 xP
  5. What kind of trouble are you having with FX4170, then? Have you tried overclocking?
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