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Just installed a phenom x4 965 be processor and the stock fan is sounding like a jet when playing games. Im not very educated on such but i have an asus m4785td board which is an am3 type, can i get some suggestions on a cooling upgrade i am kinda scared of liquid cooling with electronics but if there are reliable ones out there may go that route. Thanx N advance.
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  1. Any after market coolers are generally better than stock. I also dont think u need water cooling since I assume heat isnt an issue. Look for fans that are quiet and reliable. Other than that, thats all you need
  2. If it fits on your board: CM Hyper 212+ or 212EVO, some of the best cooling bang per buck coolers out there. They cost $25-35 but give $80 coolers a run for their money.
  3. I just got the hyper 212 for when i get a replacement QX9650 from china,was a bit sus buying a processor from china. i hope that will be suitable.
  4. If you want to go cheap the Hyper 212 plus or EVO are very good for the price. If you don't mind spending more I would go with a Noctua D14.
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