Onboard hdmi + ati 4770 hd (not crossfire)

Ok,so here is my question

i've been meaning to upgrade my pc
iam gonna buy an I5 core 2500k and i was looking for a good mobo

i found this model: GA-Z68A-D3H-B3

now this model has a HDMI port...

which is cool since my pc is connected to my tv via vga cable
my gpu is ATI Radeon™ HD 4770 (2 dvi's port [used a vga adapter])

so my question: is it possible to connect the pc to the tv via the on-board hdmi port but still enjoy the
performance of GPU card?
to my understanding its not possible to "intergrade" an on-board and GPU using crossfire
but is my question involving crossfire? can the on-board card be used in a manner of display only? leaving all the "hard work" to the gpu ??

this is really not my field so you'll have to excuse me on this one...
thank you for bearing and waiting eagerly for a reply!!

ohad .m.
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  1. The answer is: no.

    You must get a HDMI connector for your GPU to makes it possible. The GPU should automatically detect your new HDMI display setting and will perform accordingly.

    Then again, I suppose the mentioned HDMI connector should be available somewhere in your GPU box case by default package standart, search for it, if not, it's cheap on any electronic store.
  2. i've checked and i've only got this

    Qty 1 - S-Video to RGB 1/4" RCA Phono Adapter Splitter Cable, Model 6110017601G, GC219RM-126

    so damn! haha
    ahhh... even if i do buy this hdmi adapter wount it reduce the quality of the picture to a dvi quality...
    cuz thats what i was told when i plugged in the vga adapter..
    everyone told me that iam gonna watch my tv at a vga level of performance

    are you 100% sure that it cant be done?? (without the nuisance of adapters X_X )

  3. I don't want to be specific or too technical, but...what does your own common sense tells you?

    If it got jacked to a HDMI display, the GPU will behave accordingly. And in some cases, a big font of text that says : 'HDMI' is to be expected somewhere around top left corner of your screen. It happens on my 5850.

    Just get the connector, it's dirt cheap.
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