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i want to buy new VGA card for playing game like skyrim (all video option set mid-high) so what vga card better for me if my pc spec is :
windows xp 32bit
resolution 1440x900
Ram 2GB
processor dual core 4.3GHz
PSU 450watt
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  1. How much are you willing to spend on a new graphics card?
  2. i think below $150 USD. i'm trying to find vga card that really fit to my PC spec
    so please don't suggest things like put a V6 engine on a cheap car (just not worth it)
  3. I don't think any good graphics card will run that well on a 450w psu especially with skyrim at mid to high settings. Im probably not the best person to take advise from but i would probably save up for a new power supply with a minimum wattage of 550 that is made buy a trusted manufacture such as Corsair, Antec or Enermax and i would probably buy an hd7770 or maybe even an hd6870.
  4. for the price range, gtx 550 or gtx 560
  5. Will a 450w psu really be able to run 550s or even 560s?
  6. HD 6850 and GTX 560 (non ti) will be a good choice.. Your psu will handle those cards if it is made by a trusted manufacture.. Post your exact psu model and details about it.. Such as how many amps on +12v rail.. That is the most important thing.. Not the watt.. both cards requires 25A on +12v rail and minimum 450W psu..
  7. get this card it can play the games you mention there with your resolution with high settings and with 2xaa or maybe 4xaa with 30~50 fps.

    its an sapphire one it is cheaper and good in performance.:)

    check the review:-
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