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hey all,
I recently got gta iv eflc and iv been having a big problem with it. Whenever i play i constantly get graphics pop-in or pop-outs (lol don't know the difference between the two) and all the buildings and stuff wont be there and all i will see is peds and it will take about 10 secs to load the graphics up so it looks clear, i get excellent FPS but lol there are no buildings. Iv tried installing different graphics drivers and iv gotten the same crap results every time. Iv tried 11.12, 12.1 and 12.3 and they all do the same thing. Iv managed to run gta iv without any problems so i don't understand why eflc isn't working as well. I thought it might even be the scripthook mod i was using that could be doing it so i removed it but it didn't solve my problem. Low settings dont help either and my very last plan was to defrag my hard disk... and still my problem persists and now i dont know what to do. Im using an hd6950 2gb overclocked and iv also tried it underclocked and at default. Can somebody please give me a solution to this? Iv searched and have gotten heaps and heaps of different threads like this that offer no solutions what so ever to my problem... just 100 pages of people saying how they have the same problem and its very annoying.

any help will be greatly appreciated :)
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  1. Nobody?
  2. tough to say something without detailed information like full specs, game settings, how and when the problem occurs etc. does the same thing happen to other games or not, system/psu age, game's legitimacyetc etc..
    i'd try turning down the gfx settings like view distance.
    edit: if this is a gaming specific issue, then try asking in the video games section.
  3. ga 990fxa ud3
    phenom ii x4 840
    ocz modxstream pro 700w
    asus hd6950 direct cu ii 2gb
    1t hdd
    8gb ram
    psu and everything els is only a few months old
    It doesnt happen in other games
    Iv tried game settings at high-med-low

    What do you mean by turning down gfx settings?
  4. if it's a gta 4 specific issue then the game is at fault here. you could try tweaking the gfx settings, updating/patching the game, reinstalling and so on. gta's coding is poor. it taxes gaming pcs with specs better than yours.
    have you tried this link? some people posted their own gfx settings for gameplay.
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