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My Dell XPS 8100 is very noisy. I'm guessing it's the PSU fan. It's quiet for a few minutes and then kicks in and never stops. If it was the CPU fan is the only way to find out which by opening it up?

I'll have to do that to fix either way!

What's the best replacement for the PSU or the CPU fan if it's that?

Thanks for help,

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  1. Well you could put your hand over the fan to see which one is spinning past (PSU and Case fan).

    Very noisy= Delta fan probably.

    Also see if you can change the fan speed in the BIOS.
  2. Thanks.

    Is 'delta' fan - the PSU?

    I looked in Bios but couldn't see anything at all to do with Fan.

    Thanks for advice,

  3. Delta is a company and you know if you have one if this sticker on the fan-

    Model number varys.

    Check temps with core temp, google it and it should come up.
  4. A simple way to tell if fan is making your noise is to simply stop the fan. Put your finger on the hub of the fan and stop it; if the fan is making the noise then the nise will stop. You can do this for all of the fans in the case including the PSU fan.
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