I5 3750k or i7 3770k for gtx 670 sli

which processor will be better for 670 sli set up.
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  1. For doing what editing videos and photos, gaming, both?
  2. just gaming at 1080p but in future may go for higher res(1440p)
  3. Then i5 would be enough.
  4. thnx.
  5. No problem.
  6. I'd upgrade monitor with a 670. 1080p is great but I'd want more, such as 1440p.
  7. 2 gb vram will be enough at that res? games like crysis 2 and battlefield 3 might hit that ceiling
  8. 2GB 670 SLI's best monitor platform is single 1080p 120hz, not 1440p+ IPS/triple monitor set up. The later exposes its vram size/speed limitations in some games while wasting the extra FPS you get from SLI. If you are going to game on a unlocked Catleap/other 1440p+ IPS(not recommended for FPS due to ghosting), go for Crossfire 3GB HD 7950/7970 instead.
  9. Save cash and get a i5 rather, put the difference to a HD 7970.
  10. sarinaide said:
    Save cash and get a i5 rather, put the difference to a HD 7970.

    u must be using eyefinity since there is no point in getting 7970 toxic 6gb card. Are u planning to crossfire with the same set up.
  11. i think an i5 3570k with dual 670 on a 120hz 1080p 24" monitor would be perfect
  12. Well considering how I had to sell a kidney to get this, probably not soon though we have three kidneys and only need one.

    Its purpose was insane resolution and thats where it excels, compared with a GTX 680 at 25:14 or bigger res the card starts to show growing gains in average and minimum FPS over the 3GB 680 which is a very strong card in its own right.

    It was tested on Eyefinity and extreme resolution performance at 1920x1080 its barely worth the fuss.
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