Want to upgrade graphics card

Hi guys, Wanting to upgrade graphics card i have one that is on board to want and upgrade, How do i know what will work with my computer what things do i need to look for?

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  1. Hi,

    what brand/model is your power supply ?

    Whats motherboard do you have ?
  2. i think my pwer supply is 600w and this is my motherboard Asus P5QL Pro P43 Chipset LGA775 FSB1600 DDR2/1066/800

    how do you work it out though?
  3. all specs/monitor and res/games you play... ?
  4. swifty_morgan said:
    all specs/monitor and res/games you play... ?

    22" monitor, playing modern warefare 3,League of legends and team fortress 2

    How do i work out what is compatible with my pc though as i want to know for future reference aswell :)
  5. cpu/memory/opsys...?
  6. swifty_morgan said:

    dual core 2 x 2.93 and 4GB RAM Windows 7
  7. you should look up the word vague!
  8. from the socket 775 and 2.93 GHz, it sounds like an Intel Core2Duo, a chip getting a little long in the tooth (2007-8)

    you should be fine with any modern video card. for what you have, I'd say don't go any higher than an ATI Hd6870 or NVidia GTX560ti.
  9. Thanks guys, Was looking at some graphics cards and some are for PCI-Express and just PCI i know my motherboard has a PCI-Express slot are these better than normal PCI? and will any graphics card work aslong as it says PCI express?
  10. yes, any PCI express 16 graphics card will work
  11. Yes PCI-E has a lot more bandwidth than PCI, and its the ideal slot for a graphics card. Keep in mind that cards such as a 6870 or a 560 Ti (very good choices) will require dedicated power, with one or two (depending on VGA) power cables coming from your PSU. Look for a cable like this:


    If your power supply does not have one of those, you will need one or more adapters like this:

  12. ^Yes and no. If the PSU doesn't have PCI power connectors, you can use adapters, but ONLY if the PSU is otherwise capable of providing the required power.
    What brand and model is your "600W" PSU? If it is something like a Corsair or OCZ (not sure Seasonic and Antec have a 600W model right now) you should be fine. If, otoh, it is a Diablotek, Logisys, or other Chokemax brand, it will likely only be good for 60% of its label, and will die under the load from a high-end graphics card (possibly taking other parts with it).
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