Any idea on how gigabyte RMA works?

does anyone have any idea whats steps you have to go through to get your gigabyte motherboard RMA'd?

thanks for any help
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  1. right well i figured it out so just for the benefit of other people i will give you a bit of a how to
    1.DO NOT CALL THEM ... most useless helpline ever and its almost impossible to find the number anyway
    2. send them an email asking for an RMA return form ( i am not sure what the email is for the US )
    3. fill out the form
    4. include a copy of the proof of purchase
    5. attach those two to an email
    6. you should now get an RMA code
    7. wright in big bold letters the RMA code on the box you are using to send away
    8. send away (i would suggest paying that extra little more to make sure it doesnt get damaged on the way )

    hope this helps someone
  2. Nice to see you managed to sort it out man, but thank you for the how-to for others,
    hope it goes well for you :)
  3. thanks will update when motherboard gets returned to see how well it went
  4. here is a quick review on gygabites overall customer service:

    overall i must say i am quite pleased with the service i got , they where incredibly fast to reply to my emails (5 minutes) and very helpful , i will say i am quite dissapointed that there is not really a helpful number you can call and the fact that there is not freepost but i guess they would loose to much money which is understandable these days. They tested my motherboard the same day it arrived(today) and they should send it tomorrow with ups.
    overall i give them a 7/10

    hope this helps
  5. Glad to hear it went well for you man,
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