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hey everybody!

So this summer im gonna work my butt off and allocate about 1300$ for a new PC that i plan on building myself. Im a first time builder and looking for some help. Any advice on case selection? also i need to find a good video tutorial where i cant hopefully get some good tips on building for first timers. If you know of any please post them in the replies. Any literature on the subject will be appreciated as well.

What i have decided on so far:

1x GTX 670
750w+ PSU (for a possible SLI in the future)
i5 2500k
8 Gigs of RAM

Mostly need it for gaming and/or school work

Battlefield 3 at high res with anti aliasing on 1920x1080 is what im looking to be able to do.
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  1. Here is a pretty decent 3 part video from newegg.

    You will see the other 2 parts to the right.

    IIRC it goes into selecting the right parts that work together, and how to actually install them.
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