A Very Good Win 7 question!!

Hi there!! My computer just melted while rendering a video with After Effects CS3.

Here's the question. My old Mobo was dead along with the cpu. However...the harddrives, etc are all ok.

I swapped Motherboards and try to boot up again with Windows 7 64, however, Windows 7 thinks something is wrong because I've changed the hardware. What do I have to do to get past this? Or do I have to completely reinstall windows 7?

Any advice would be appreciated. It's been a chaotic 4 days!! Very long story!!

Thanks :bounce:
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  1. You can boot off your OS disc, and do a repair install.
  2. Oh yeah..I will try that next. While booting with the just the hard drive it did try to repair errors but it said it could not. So, I will try that next and let you know how it goes.

  3. Here's what happened: It boots up to the installation or repair wizard. I click repair...and then it says there's nothing wrong with the windows files. However...when I restart and don't choose to boot with the dvd disk, it still says there's a system error........and doesn't work. (same as before).

    Any further ideas??
  4. The recovery console in windows 7 is a little different than previous windows versions. To access the list of repair tools, use f8 on startup to access the safe mode menu. Choose the option to 'repair your computer.' At the recovery options window, use the 'startup repair' option, to repair your boot files.
  5. I've tried that option about 4 or 5 times without any luck. I see a bit of info about the situation at this webpage:


    I hear do a "repair instalation" a lot. What exactly is that referring to? When I input the Windows 7 cd the options are 1st to repair, or instal upgrade or custom instal. Both the repair and upgrade options don't work.

    I heard I need to get the new mobo drivers in there somehow, but I can't boot up in safemode......so far.

    Any advice would be cool.
  6. You really shouldn't have to do anything with the drivers. The windows repair, will repair/replace damaged windows files (including boot files).

    Here's a link to a windows 7 repair walkthrough. About 1/2 way down (starting with black BIOS screen), is what you should see.
  7. I learned that it appears impossible to do a "repair install" because a person must be booted into windows already!
  8. Don't know where you heard that, but it's not true. You boot into the safe mode menu. Then choose the repair options. It just has more of a GUI interface than previous windows versions.
  9. Here's the problem: it won't boot into safe mode. It gets about half way through then suddenly restarts. I can load the system recovery options, however, none of them succeed. They "Windows was unable to repair". I think I've tried all of the repair options so far. I've tried it from F8 menu and everywhere else it appears. It will launch into automatic repair if it doesn't boot successfully. But that's unsuccessful too. I hope I can get it figured.

    Any more tips??
  10. You can boot to the command prompt and run chkdsk /r to see if there are any errors on the drive.
  11. Will give it a try!! I'm on this here non-stop till i get something figured out!!!
  12. aford10 said:
    You can boot to the command prompt and run chkdsk /r to see if there are any errors on the drive.

    I did chkdsk and it took a long time so I let it fix itself over night. However, it still won't boot up and the automatic repair features don't work and safemode will not work either.

    I wonder whatelse can be done......

  13. If the repair options won't repair your install, the only other option is to do a fresh install. It's probably good to do a fresh install anyways. It will clean out all the old drivers, so you don't have any conflicts.
  14. Is your version of Windows 7 OEM? If so you cannot "repair" it if you switched out the motherboard. The oem version is tied/locked to the motherboard you originally installed it on. I believe it registers the bios and serial # or something to that affect and ties the installation to that specific motherboard model.

    If this is the case your best bet would be to replace with an identical motherboard. You might also be able to reinstall and do a phone activation and explain the situation. MS might give you a new activation for the new motherboard. MAYBE.
  15. I ended up just doing a "custom reinstall". And I think after reinstall all my programs, etc, I'll just delete much of the left over stuff.

    I appreciated the advice. Fortunately MSI should be able to fix the board. The CPU is dead though.
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