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Hi. I recently posted with a budget of around 1500 but some things have changed and my budget is a bit larger now. Just about 2000 now. I want it to last a couple years and max everything. BF3 is top priority along with swtor, company of heroes 2, so is Max Payne 3. I would like the parts from newegg and amazon. Also, I don't need a monitor, keyboard, or mouse. SLI or xfire is ok as long as it won't ruin my gaming experience. I don't want to overclock cuz idk how and I don't need the headache. So please don't tell me to get the cheapest CPU and do a heavy OC cuz I don't want to. I'd rather spend on one that will work in games at stock. Pretty sure I covered everything on that form, so thanks for any advice.
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  1. http://pcpartpicker.com/au/p/877E

    How would this rig do?
  2. hi.

    For gaming an i5 would be ideal. i7 offers no gaming advantage but costs a lot more.

    8 gigs of ram is more than enough to game. You wont come close to using 8 gigs.

    You said you dont want to do heavy OC so a water cooling system is unnecessary and expensive. you can get a good aftermarket heatsink, like the coolermaster 212 evo and save $100
  3. A few thoughts ..

    16GB is way too much RAM; you're just wasting money. You really only need 4GB for games, but might as well get 8GB since the price difference is not that much.

    Definitely agree with the CPU and watercooling advice posted above. You WILL want to overclock that CPU some, because they changed things with SB/IB and now it is EASY AS HELL.

    850W power supply is massive overkill unless you plan on adding a second 7970 later. You'd probably do fine with 600W if you're just using a single card.

    If you're looking for future-proof, I'd consider a 240GB or 256GB SSD. 128GB is ok, but personally, it would drive me nuts.

    Any particular reason why you're getting Windows 7 Pro? I don't think it's much use unless you're using certain networking features, usually in an office setting. Unless you've got some special situation, I'd say get Windows 7 Home Premium OEM edition, save yourself the $100 and call it a day.
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