Upgrading time for my ATI 5670?

Hello good people of TH Forum,

At the moment I have a ATI 5670 GPU.

This one infact:

Asus ATI Radeon HD 5670 Graphics Card


With many new heavy graphics games having come out recently (Skyrim for example (perhaps not the best example)) and with many great games on the way in the not too distant future (Guild Wars 2 amongst others); I feel it might be time for an upgrade to get the most out of my games.

My main question for you guys is this: "Will I notice a real positive difference in spending up to £200 on one or more new GPU's?"

The second question that is hard for me to find an answer on is: "Do I really need to upgrade to get good performance in new/next-gen games?"

My budget for a new GPU(s) is no more than £200 (~$316). That is not strict though and if there would be a huge advantage in spending more then I would be quite happy.

So what do we think? Should I just stick with what I have for the moment? Should I ram in another 5670 and run crossfire? Should I splash out on one or more GPU's (would it make a difference even?)?

And lastly (waw I'm asking allot here) what do we think about 2 of these in SLI:

EVGA GeForce GTX 550 Ti SC 1024MB GDDR5
(981MHz Core, 1962MHz Shader, 192 Cuda Cores, 2 x DVI, Mini HDMI, PCIe 2.0, Superclocked)



P.S. I have seen the recommended GPU articles; I just want to know if its worth an upgrade?

I play a variety of games but mostly:

MMO (Guild Wars 2 when it comes out)
RPG (Skyrim)

Thank you very much for your advice :)!!!!!!
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  1. Oh almost forgot! I would ideally like to run a minimum of 60 FPS full 1920x1200 HD on any modern and hopefully a few future games.

    If that's possible :)
  2. A GPU upgrade will definitely make a difference. What are the rest of your system specs, especially the brand and model (not just wattage) of your PSU?
    If you have a capable PSU, then something like a GTX560Ti would be a good choice, although waiting for Kepler wouldn't be a bad idea because either you'll get even better performance, or hopefully prices of previous cards will come down a little.
  3. Agreed. Upgrade, dont' bother with CF. Just get a good GPU and PSU if you need one.
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