New build, no video output to my monitor

Hello all,

Hope you can help me, I've just set up my computer again, after about a year and a half in storage. first the specs. Motherboard MSI P6N SLI, CPU Intel quad core 2.44Ghz (not overclocked, GPU Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX, 6GB RAM (2 sticks Kingston KVR KVR533D2N4K2 2gb total, 2 sticks Kingston KVR KVR800D2N5K2 4GB total). Bought a new PSU (1000watt Segotep GP1100). I have everything put onto the motherboard, connections snug and turn it on. Everything starts up, Hard drives turn on, CPU fan, GPU fan the works, but I have no VGA output to my monitors. I tried both ports from the graphics card, as its dual monitor but still nothing. Running DVI-VGA btw. I have also tried two different monitors as the first one I tried was to my TV, neither worked. Tried disconnecting all but the essentials, sound card out, extra hard drives out, and down to a single stick of RAM (tried both the 1gb stick and the 2gb stick and still nothing. I've also tried running the whole setup outside of the case, still nothing. Tried resetting CMOS by taking the mobo battery out, still getting no signal from either monitor on either output from the graphics card. Would really love some fresh ideas as I am completely out. Thanks guys.

Specs in brief
CPU: Intel quadcore 2.44ghz
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX 768mb
RAM: 2 sticks (2gb) Kingston KVR533D2N4K2 2 sticks (4 gb) Kingston KVR800D2N5K2
Windows 7 Ultimate was installed on the hard drives.

PS - Have used this set up before with no problems. Albeit before everything was put in storage.
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  1. you should try to borrow your friends graphics card and swap it to see if you get any signal
  2. Went through the whole checklist, still nothing. And unfortunately I don't have any spare graphics cards laying around, all my friends have laptops. Irritating living abroad.
  3. Check out the bread boarding linked to in the checklist link! With a case speaker it is the best way of finding out the faulty part.
  4. Started to go through the breadboarding checklist, got everything out, put it on top of an empty cereal box and nothings touching anything else. Disconnected everything so I just have the CPU and HSF connected. Didn't hear any beeps. Not sure if its that the motherboard can't beep or that its just not. I heard a beep when I was fiddling around with my GPU on it, ie when I forgot to connect power to the GPU I got a long alarm beep, but again I'm not sure if that was the mobo or the GPU beeping.
  5. Also, sometimes when I was testing it, turning it on, waiting, then having to turn it off again I would normally have to hold the power button down for a while until power was cut off. Occasionally though I would press the button and it would shut off immediately. Not sure of the significance of that...
  6. If you have a case speaker and no beeps without ram then it is the motherboard!
  7. Ok update, I took the rig to the computer shop and they had it fixed, they had said the bios on the motherboard was messed up which was causing the problem. So I had everything ship shape, up and running on my tv and I was going through my old stuff when I noticed one of my hard drives wasn't being displayed. So I walk over to the case and figure I'll just check the connections to make sure everything was snug, not thinking to turn the thing off before I do this. So im pushing in the connectors on the hard drive and then my computers power just cuts off instantly. It still turns on fine, fans and all but once again I'm getting zero signal out to my TV, and have absolutely no idea what happened. Ideas anyone?
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