Curious about AMD HD3D

Hi to everyone!!!

Just got my self a 42' LG 3Dcinema LED and now I will connect my PC so I have a few questions..

My PC:
Corsair 750HX Pro
Asus p7p55 d-e evo
intel i5-750 @ 3,8ghz (CM V8)
Corsair Vengeance 8gb 1600 9-9-9-24
Powercolor Radeon HD5850

1.will I be able to watch 3D movies and games with my current stuff or I need something more? (software or hardware, from cable to new gpu)
2.if I need a new GPU that would best be a 7xxx ATI or should I wait for NVIDIA to bring out the new stuff?
3.From what I am aware 3dvision and amd hd3d are different things. Will I have compatibility issues?
4.I see there are 3D movies ripped to mkv, what is required to be able to play and watch them in 3D through my TV? (I assume mpc doesn't play 3D)..

Sorry for the many questions and thanx in advance
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  1. well there isn't any 42'' LG models on the supported hardware list for hd3d
    so it might not work, just give it a try and see what happens.

    nor is it listed on the nvidia 3d vision list...

    so looks like you're stuck using a 3d blu-ray player for the movies. maybe...
  2. Thanx for the feedback but clearly I am expecting sth more, I've read a great deal of articles concerning the issue and know 1st of all that "recommended" doesn't mean "only". I know my display supports the technologies associated with stereoscopic 3D, to be more specific normally I should be able to play 1080p movies in 3D and 720p games at 50hz tops (or 1080p at 24hz.. i think ' ll play kaneswrath that way in 3D since its native fps rate is 24 :D).
    I am looking for someone who has done all these and can tell me which software to use for viewing (powerdvd??) and playing (tridef??iz3d??) ways to convert 2d to 3d etc..
    Next month Ill be moving and b4 I start trying different staff (like installing/uninstalling or even buying software) am hoping I'll talk to someone who's done something like that successfully and avoid mistakes...
  3. Noone?
  4. For HD3D to work, you must either connect with HDMI 1.4a (most TV's and monitors do not have HDMI 1.4a, even in HDMI, so you need to check) or you need displayport. No other types of connections will work.

    If you do have HDMI 1.4a as a connection type to your TV, you will be limited to 720p at 60hz (per eye), or 30hz with 1080p. This isn't great for gaming, but movies only use 24hz, so you are good there.

    Displayport, which as far as I'm aware only exists on monitors, is the only way to get 1080p @ 60hz per eye or 120hz.
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