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Video Card Not Detected - Everything else works

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March 9, 2012 12:42:35 PM

Hey All,

Just trying to see if anybody had any suggestions or advice, I'm trying to complete this build and the only thing not working is the Graphics card. Specs Below:

Biostar H61 Motherboard
Kingston 8GB Ram
Kingston 2x64GB SSD (128GB Total)
Galaxy GTX 460 GC 768mb
Antec "Hardcore Gamer" Edition 400w PSU

Basically, I've installed every single Windows Update, Driver, and Bios Update.

I've tried installing my old 9600 GT and it did not detect that either.

I think it's the Motherboard or PSU.

Both Motherboard and PSU are new as is the GTX 460. The 9600GT was pulled working from a working system so I know thats not broken.

The 9600GT Required one 6-pin pci-express adapter.
The GTX 460 Required 2 6-pin pci-express adapter.

I'm not sure which one the problem is because everything is new and everything works aside from the Graphics Card not being detected.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks all!

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March 9, 2012 2:52:06 PM

If you have another system to work with then try the PSU and the 9600GT in the working system with the other PSU. If it does not work then replace the PSU.

If it does work, then try things again in the new system, and make sure that the mobo is set to display on the PCIe first instead of Int (internal). Also perform a Bios reset, and then get into UEFI and load the performance or default settings, just to be sure everything is set correctly.

Have you tried running the GPU in one of the other 16x slots? Even if it ends up running at 8x instead of 16x it is unlikely to bottleneck your card, so it is an option if you do not want to RMA.
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March 9, 2012 3:04:19 PM

I didn't look at the specs on your mbod, but, does it have on board graphics? If it does, then, you may have to go into the bios, and select which graphics you want to use. Even if it does not have on board graphics, there will still be menu in the bios to select which type of graphics card you are using, etc, etc. i would make sure that it's all set correctly, b4 I made any other choices.
March 9, 2012 3:27:42 PM

Make sure the GPU is seated properly, also make sure you've plugged in both 6-pin adapters to the card.
March 22, 2012 1:56:37 PM

Hey All, Thanks for all the replies so far; Just as an update I actually replaced the motherboard for an

ASRock Z68 Pro3-M
Exchanged the Graphics Card for the same GTX 460 768
Changed my Power Supply to a 675watt (Diablotek 52A on the 12v vs 30A on old PSU) New Case - Antec 300 for more room
Applied all new motherboard mounts

And still when I plug my Graphics Card in it does not detect it.

Am I missing something? I set the bios to "PCI-E" already. I also checked the Device Manager and it shows my PC-E slot active but nothing there.

I also have the Intel HD3000 enabled as my default but even when I restart my computer with the HD3000 disabled my graphics card still does not show up in displays in the Device manager.

I just don't know what I'm doing wrong here, is there some small thing i may have missed? I plugged in all the plugs that require power with the video card as with the motherboard and nothing, I've reseated and seated the graphics card 109438483 times now. Will a bios update help? I don't think i've done that.