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Hello, I am looking for input on a build that I would like to put together specifically for live streaming video games such as guild wars 2, world of warcraft, tera, among other games. Also, I plan on editing some videos however it will not mainly be used for that and I would rather not spend extra money to make that part of the computer better if I don't have to. With out further adieu here are the "main" components to my rig:

i7 2600k or i7 2700k. Is the $20 extra worth the performance from the i7 2700k?

EVGA Gtx 680 superclocked


G.SKILL Ripjaw X series 8GB
Should I get more ram for streaming? Mainly looking @ this ram because it matchs mobo, and I have read that you don't need much more than 8GB nowadays, but is that true for streaming?

Was told to get nothing less than 850W - should I get some overkill (1000W+) in case i decide to link 2 GPU's together in the future or?

These might be newbie questions I know, I just have no real idea and i've always wanted to build my own computer. Now that i'm going to have the resources to actually start it, I would like to do it correct. ANY feed back on what I am looking to do with this build (high end gaming - ultra graphics + live streaming) is super appreciated.

Thank you
- Daniel.
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  1. You could get by with far less money. 680 is overkill on a single monitor, gtx 560ti is plenty for any of those games you mentioned. 2600k is the best choice probably, but i can stream WoW at 1080p just fine on a 2500k. I own that exact ram actually, scores a 7.9 on WEI with xmp profile enabled. As for PSU you can run any single GPU setup on a quality 500w, no reason to "overbuild" in this area because it will not run efficiently, if you plan on doing SLI down the road a 750w unit like this will do :

    You could also save money on a different brand motherboard, asus is simply overpriced because of the name. This is the best bang/buck motherboard :
  2. is there necessarily a disadvantage to a 2700k processor and 12 gb raam? that's what i ordered with my comp. I just want to know if it will effect streaming by having too much raam or too much processor.
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