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Silverstone FT02 works find with Crossfire?

I have, as mentioned in the thread title, a Silverstone FT02 case, the Fortress. Anyways...I also have a single 7970 oc'ed to 1125/1575 and with the fan profile I use in Afterburner, temps for BF3 everything maxxed (4xMSAA) stay around 73c. Crysis 2 dx11/hdtexture packs cranks it up to 78c, or even 80c.

Now that you know what I have and how its running, here's my question...given that my motherboard has a free slot between where the graphics cards will be, will the case work well for Crossfire? After Kepler drops prices, I'm considering another 7970 and want to see what you guys think on temps in my case and whatnot. Also...Does MSI Afterburner o'c' both cards at the same time, with the same profiles? If not, how does that work?

My concern is this...before setting up my custom fan profile for my single card, temps could hit 85c, easily, under load. BTW: I have a Sapphire card with reference design (I thought it would be better for my case, wherein the card is oriented vertically). Again...what kind of temps could I expect? In addition...I want to triple monitor it later in the year...what effect would this have on temps?

Thanks for any insight, you tech gurus! I appreciate it. :)
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    you should be fine as long the first card fit in
    msi afterburner will detect both gpus and it will give you an option to apply clock settings to both cards
    triple monitors will put a bigger load on gpus so i would expect some temps increase
    in msi afterburner at least for my cards I have an option to manualy set the fan profile map so you dont have to worry about cranking the fans when playing in the middle of a game
  2. I have a slightly different model than yours, one with 8 expansion slots. That one has 7. That means the only possible problem would come if your 2nd PCIe slot were at the very bottom edge of the motherboard. As long as you aren't using that slot with a dual slot card, you are fine.
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