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Hi there. I recently started hearing a loud buzzing sound when starting up my computer yesterday and found it to be that my EVGA Nvidia 430 GT video card was making a loud buzzing noise. I searched up an answer, decided to try the oiling method, and it worked great-- until today.

I started up my computer again, and the buzzing from the fan is there again. So, I open up my case and pull it all apart, and it seems as though the oil had seeped out a bit and was on the heat sink. I cleaned it up, and tried reapplying the oil through the back with a needle. The problem is, the back of this fan doesn't have an opening for lubrication; it's just the circuit board of the fan underneath the sticker. So I applied the oil through the opening where the fan actually rotates, spun it around and let it sit upside down in attempt to get the oil in there.

Anyway, after 20 mins or so, I've loaded it all up again, and to no avail, it's still buzzing. I've since tapped the side of the fan a tiny bit while it was moving to see if it was off balance, and the noise went away, sort of. It's still louder than normal, but I'd say it's within acceptable limits. I turned off the computer and restarted to check to see if the fan would spin up and be loud again, but it hasn't been.

Either way, I believe that it will make noise again in about a day or so. Is there anything I can do for this fan?

PS: I have a fan from another video card, but the wire isn't long enough.

PPS: I don't have money, I'm unfortunately too tight to replace my card or fan, so don't suggest that. I'd love to buy a brand new 590, but it's not going to happen.

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  1. If you can't replace the fan, nothing you can do.
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