Best CPU?

Best CPU I can buy. Money doesn't matter, so I don't need a cheaper option.

Looking at:

Intel Core i7-990X Extreme Edition
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  1. Best CPU for what?, gaming?
  2. Here ya go:,16716.html

    $75, said money didn't matter =)
  3. Just get an i5-3570K and a High End GPU.

    You don't need the most expensive CPU like the 3960X or 990X.

    Core 2 Duo's/Quads are still powerful enough to run the latest games.
  4. Simple.......rather than relying on our one-liners (as good as they always are, etc, etc) for so much money.......why not browse 10 reputable websites & buy the 'most expensive'.

    ....though, maui67's choice does seem very tempting ;)
  5. A lot better.
  6. Anonymous said:

    And this is better than the i7-990x?
  7. silverstarmg said:
    And this is better than the i7-990x?

    yes, you can check out the benchmark comparison link.
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