My First Build, Gone Wrong

As the title says this is my first build, primary uses are gaming and photo/video editing.

Issue :cry:
Currently Playing Arma 2,Crysis, Crysis warhead,L4D2, Dead Island on steam.
Across all these titles I have one common problem...sometimes I can play for hours on end, most of the time however my computer will lockup in the middle of playing sometimes after minutes or seconds of starting the game...a black screen with no input..sound will sometimes continue and sometimes it gives loud buzzing (from speakers not mobo) I can run unigine with no problems what so ever with everything cranked up though. So I don't know if this rules out the video cards...any help is sincerely appreciated :ange:

The Hardware :love:

Motherboard: Asus crosshair V formula
Processor: AMD FX-8150
RAM: Corsair Vengence 16GB 2x8GB sticks
Video Cards:Diamond Multimedia 7970 3GB Tri-Fire
Power Supply: Corsair AX1200 watt
HDD:Seagate 500GB 7200RPM
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master V8
Case:Cooler Master Haf 932 Ultimate

Razer Mamba Mouse
Razer Black Widow Ultimate
Asus 24-inch 120hz 3D monitor
Belkin N USB wireless adapter
Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1

All drivers are up to date as far as I know. Got the newest ones from Asus mobo support site, and installed with a fresh install of windows 7.

Running 12.4 Catalyst on radeon cards

BIOS are up to date

If any other info is needed I will be more than happy to give it! :D
Really appreciate any input!

Update:while originally posting this I got a BSOD saying something about display driver timeout...I'm so confused.
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  1. nice build apart from the fact it has an 8150 in it but try disabling cfx and see if that solves the issue i was so sick of the issues with multi gfx cards i now will only go one at a time i would like to blame a psu but it shouldnt be using a corsair and it has easily enough output. im assuming your not overclocking to as your post doesnt suggest it, also make sure your ram is getting the correct voltage, you stuff not running hot, etc. you might have to play a game of elimination to if everything else is set right by removing parts till you find a culprit. also i wouldnt count on tech demos (unigine) to test video cards years ago i learnt that, i used to overclock video cards then use 3dmark to test that overclock only to find playing a game it would crash.
    also dont wanna treat you like a noob but its a very complex build for a first one have you seated your cpu heatsink correctly and has it done it ever since you built it or is this a new issue
  2. Trifire... That sounds like you may have a heat issue going on I would be very interested in seeing what each cards temps are.
  3. Temps are all solid CPU at load is around 50*c all cards run about 65*c at load, and no overclocking. And yes this has been an issue ever since I've built the system. I will try to use the cards one by one and check out in game. Thanks!
  4. The Haf 932 case I have actually has great airflow direct to the cards :) I was worried about it originally too!
  5. seems to me your system is overkill for the games your playing too. 2 of the 7970's should be able to handle anything you throw at em let alone 3 :pt1cable:
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