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All right guys, i have an old Acer Aspire T320 from 2004, i wanted to make this into a gaming computer as i have the money, and can upgrade it, is this possible? to remove all the exsisting parts and replace them with better ones? I.E. a much better motherboard, Better video card, and a better processor, but do it as i can afford it? i wanted to make this computer into a gaming computer, is this possible? what i want to do is get like a cheap computer i.e max price i'm willing to spend is 350 so maybe a pentium on sale. and upgrade it as i can afford it to a maximum gaming computer, but i don't want to save all my money, and have to wait forever i want something i can use now, so can someone point me in the right direction? maybe if i can use the old acer a list of good parts? i have a few DDR3 ram chips around, but this takes DDR chips, if someone could help that'd be great, thanks guys, have a wonderful day :)
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  1. First of all what are you trying to do, upgrade your acer, buy a cheap computer and upgrade it, buy cheap computer and use it to upgrade your acer, or upgrade your acer plus buy a cheap computer and upgrade it. If you don't plan on doing high res gaming your best would be to buy a cheap core 2 duo system for under $200 and upgrade the power supply and add a graphics card.

    Core 2 Duo system: $185

    Power supply: $19

    Graphics card: $130

    Total: $134
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