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I have AMD 6850 and every time i try to play some games like ME3, AC (all) and athers i get a black screen, the monitor turns off/on and then i get the message "Display Driver Stopped Responding and has Recovered". I have read tens of theads about this and have done everything and still can't play almost all new games. What is strange is that some games run fine like LoL, FIFA, NBA and others but more than half of new games give me this error even before i can get to the game menu. I have changed video drivers, Windows vista/7, done all the other stuff that ather people have suggested and even bought new CPU, RAM and motherboard. Still i can't understand why some games run fine and others can't even start ?

PLS help!
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  1. Re-install Windows and install the latest driver for your video card.
  2. I've already done that. Re-installed windows and tryed 4-5 different ver. of the drivers but it doesen't help. I still think it's some kind of software issue if i can play allot of games but still have this problem with most games.
  3. did you check the game you play for patch
  4. It's not one or 2 games, it happens with almost every new game i have tryed, Reckoning being the only new game that i can run.
  5. then give all the specs of your system cpu,psu memory graphic card
  6. The drivers you install are the ones from the AMD website right? Just want to make sure you are not using from the video card makers site or CD.
  7. It's a common error, it's common with nvidia cards too. There is no real fix for it, but usually re-installing windows fixes it.

    I've had the same error with 9800GT, 4850, and a couple times with my current 5850, but I've always gotten rid of it and haven't seen it pop up in about 8 months.
  8. I already re-installed my windows and even tryed different ver. of windows - vista/7 (32 and now 64bit) and yes i used the drivers from the official site and i tryed 12.1/12.2/11.3/11.4/11.5 and i have this problem with all of them.
  9. That would make it sound like a card or power issue now.

    May be worth testing the card one a friends system if you can.
  10. what power supply?
  11. could you test this card in a friend computer with same games and see if it got same errror,if you still got error then the card need rma
  12. I will but i just can't right now. The thing is if it's hardware then should all games not work instead of just some?
  13. newer games ask more from graphic card then the older ones
  14. I know but some new games work and it doesn't let me even go to the main menu let alone to the game.
  15. this meansthey do not load correctly if you could not pass the load menu check games files for error
  16. craki said:
    I will but i just can't right now. The thing is if it's hardware then should all games not work instead of just some?

    You said only one game worked, Reckoning......

    Your not listening to anyones suggestions or answering the questions, so obviously you don't want help. Go away.
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