PC keeps booting to BIOS?!

I recently just purchased a Sidewinder X4 and the D3 Mouse and Headset. After installation of all three everything seemed fine until I restarted and my PC kept booting to windows. After unplugging headset the computer seemed to boot up to windows just fine, but after I plug it back in and restart the PC has me booted into BIOS again. I've never encountered this problem ever and was wondering if you guys would know how to fix this. I plug my mouse and keyboard into the back ports and I plug my headset into the front panel if that makes any difference. I have a Asrock Extreme3 Gen3 MOBO. The only way I seem to get it to work is if I were to plug my headset after the windows boot. Is this just a bad driver problem should I reinstall the drivers?
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  1. I found my PC does not boot into BIOS if I plug the headset into one of my back USB ports. Why does putting my headset into the front panel USB not allow my PC to boot into windows? I have a HAF 922 case. Also does anyone know how I can have both speakers and headset playing?
  2. Well all my headers seem to be in place. My old headset that used audio/line-in jacks worked fine on my front panel, but anyways I have my front panel USBs in the USB 2.0 slots, and the HD Audio header on my sound card (ASUS DG XONAR). Should I try putting the HD Audio header onto my MOBO? Because my PC boots up fine when its plugged into the back ports. My headset also works fine once I plug it in AFTER the windows boot. I'm not too sure how I can resolve this.
  3. I found the problem, after disabling the Legacy USB within BIOS the PC seems to boot up fine. Does anyone know why?
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