Any thoughts on this build before i buy?

gonna be used for mostly gaming and probably do a small overclock maybe 4 or 4.2ghz. (will replace stock cpu fan when i do)
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  1. If your main purpose is gaming, I'd suggest lowering the processor and picking up a stronger video card.
  2. What's your case? I'd suggest either the HAF 912 or the Corsair 400R. Corsair will be easier on building and is a better case overall.

    I'd also try to get at least a 6850 for your GPU... but both will struggle to run the latest games. Your main expense is the CPU. Shave off $50 and get an i5-2500k... it's better for OCing, anyway. What's your budget?

    EDIT: Oh, and if it's overbudget, then ditching OCing and going with an i3-2120 and a 6870 will be best for gaming. Do you have a CPU cooler? It's necessary for overclocking.
  3. thanks for the suggestions and by gaming i don't mean anything too serious just stuff like wow, skyrim maybe diablo 3 so i figure the 7770 should be fine?
  4. WoW and diablo 3 go fairly easy on machines, but Skyrim needs some hefty graphics muscle if you want to play on medium to high settings @1920x1080.
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