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I just upgraded my desktop computer, moved on from xp to win 7. I am liking everything so far except one problem, the internet. Since my desktop has a wireless card in it, it just picks it up. The problem is that it shows only 1 - 2 bars usually, even though that my router is less than a foot away from the desktop and my iphone 4 picks up wireless over 80ft away perfectly. I have an ethernet cable connected to the computer but it still uses wireless. I have not found a way to use a wired connection yet.
Is there any way I can get it to have better connection wirelessly? and How do I switch over to a wired connection from a wireless conection? Yes I am a windows 7 newbie. Thank you for your help.
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  1. If you have wireless and wired, the PC will connect both if you set wireless up to be used. And for some reason, the network binding order puts wireless first to be used.

    To check if your wired connection is working, click on the Start button, in the search bar type in "cmd" without the quotes. In the command prompt window that comes up type in "ipconfig /all" again no quotes. You will see several items in there, one will state "Wireless Network Adapter" or something similar, you should see another one for an "Ethernet Controller". Do they both have an IP address listed? If you only see one connection there, means your hard wired adapter is not installed or is broken.

    Also on the desktop, are you sure you are connected to your own router and not to a neighbors? There may also be an issue with the drivers for the wireless card, see if you can find an upgrade to that.
  2. From your description i'm assuming you have a pci card built into your desktop for wireless. Be sure the antenna is firmly screwed on. Also the positioning is a bit important. Although it's omnidirectional, metal object can hinder the signal if they are close to your computer and between the router and your pc. At such a close range the casing of your computer itself may be in the way. I'd recommend a bit more distance anyway since electronic equiptment, like your pc, gives off interferance and might hinder the signal.
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