While on desktop screen goes black after 1 minute, monitor stays open

Hello community,

I have a very weird problem. While I am at desktop and leave computer unattended my screen goes black after 1 minute. However, my monitor stays opened i.e. it does not go hibernation. I checked everypossible thing but no solution. Uninstalled/installed my graphics driver, closed every open program on task monitor no change. Even there is no graphic driver installed on the computer it is the same.

Win 7 ult.
ati 4870 ccc12.2
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  1. check your power management settings. that will let you set parameters for the monitor to turn off, the hard drives
  2. +1 to alvine's suggestion. Just set your screen saver and power management timers and you should be good to go.

    Good luck!
  3. it is like a joke :). The screen saver was set to blank and time to 1 minute. it was driving me mad. Thank you a lot guys.
  4. You are welcome. Little things like this have gotten us all at some point.

    Have fun!!!
  5. definitly a bad mobo, might as well RMA that ASAP....
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