Critique my build
Some questions I have are:
Will this power supply be good enough or should I get a corsair 750w?
And still debating on whether the i5-3570k + Z77 combo is worth it versus the i5-2500k + Z68 combo I had planned instead
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  1. The weak warranty would keep me from buying that psu. But yeah, it will be more than enough, a good 500w would be fine.

    Not sure why you would be considering Sandy Bridge at all.
  2. Raidmax hasn't really issued out much of a quality psu yet, which is one of the reasons why that psu is pretty cheap compared to other competitors.
  3. so what brand of power supply would you guys recommend? Corsair? And are there any other good looking/quality cases out there for around 60-80 dollars?
  4. Are you planning to add a second 7850 in the future?
  5. most likely not
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