What sounds card do i need???

ok guys this is probly gona be hard question or out of ordinary 1...

im looking to hook up an amplifier to my computer sence i got most of my music on itunes..
i probly need to start of with sound card(good1)and im wonder what set up i sound have and why?

i want a decent sound that shakes the house and i know u can do it!
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  1. lol well ya need to know wot kind of motherboard u are plugging the sound card into.pci or pci express? usb sound card?
  2. Most reviews based on quality seem to go for Asus Xonar
  3. I would thoroughly recommend trying the on-board sound card first. These things are really good these days. If it doesn't rock your boat (or house) then look at an add-on sound card.

    Just make sure your amp and speakers are half decent to begin with or you won't benfit from a decent sound card.
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