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Just finished my first build and loving it so far. However, I am second guessing myself now. I installed a CORSAIR HX Series HX750 Power Supply in a Corsair Carbide Series 500R ATX Mid Tower Computer Case . I installed the psu fan face down but am now wondering if it should have been fan facing up. I think it is suppose to be face down so it will pull air into the case and force hot air out the back and top of the case. However, I believe if the fan is face down, it would pull air in, but only out the back of the power supply unit by the plug. So I don't understand how it would pull air into the case. Anyways, suggestions on installing the fan up or down? If you could provide rationale for your answer, it would be appreciated.
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    it makes very little difference in installing the PSU fan face up or down. the biggest issue is keeping dust out of the PSU and with the 500R you have a filter on the bottom for the PSU fan. Most modern cases now have vents for the PSU with the fan face down. For years the antec gaming cases had you install the PSU fan face up and had great air flow. Makes little difference but like I said, dust can be an issue in the PSU.
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