1GB vs 2GB VRAM. 2560x1600 and Battlefield 3

So there is a lot of confusion it seems (or is it all me) when it comes to the virtues of more VRAM specifically at high resolution and in games like BF3.

Some say there is no reason to get 2GB VRAM due to some review that tested 1GB vs 2GB cards and showed no performance gain but in looking at the review, they never test at 2560x1600 and/or they don't test BF3 which reportedly uses more VRAM (or can with the high end AA processing).

So prior to upgrading from my current SC EVGA 560Ti 1GB to a 2GB model, does anyone know of real world tests between 1GB and 2GB at high resolution or in BF3?

As a side question: would I need to concern myself with the lower clock on the 2GB version or could I just OC that on my own?
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  1. At any resolution above 1080p, 2GB of RAM or more will be beneficial so resources don't run out.
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    You want to upgrade from a 560 Ti 1gb to a 560 Ti 2gb? That would not at all benefit you, IMO.

    2gb is good, I've hit the 1gb ceiling in multiple games. However a single 560 Ti won't really have the horsepower to push all the graphics features that need VRAM, besides textures.

    If you want more performance I'd say get another 1gb 560 Ti. If you want an upgrade, check out the 7870 2gb.
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